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Binance Clone: Launch your crypto business with our robust

Get a Binance clone app with dynamic features and striking UI by partnering with our top-class Binance clone script development company. Blockchain App Hub extends to offer Binance-like solutions that are highly customizable and scalable, thus making them a future-proof application. Our skilled team of blockchain developers aims at delivering services that best fit your business needs and parallelly satisfy the crypto market needs too. Our solutions are resilient enough to withstand millions of trades.

  • Tailor-made clone script
  • Well-experienced developers
  • Modernized features

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Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

Binance Clone: Launch your crypto business with our robust

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform with our feature-rich Binance clone solution. Loaded with multiple crucial features, latest technology, and resilient security. this script helps you build a dynamic crypto trading platform. Our Binance Clone app is developed after the framework of Binance and other popular players to help startups and enterprises reap high ROI and expand their business opportunities in the Blockchain industry. 

Get our powerful crypto trading script and launch your business with the logo, themes, and names syncing with your brand’s name. Developed, tried, and tested by the expert team to make the app resilient to a million concurrent transactions.

  • Tailor-made clone script
  • Well-experienced developers
  • Modernized features

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Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

Launch a Gilt-edged Cryptocurrency Trading Platform with Binance Clone Script

Cryptocurrencies have disrupted the myth of being a risky investment asset in today’s world. Instead, it has proved to be the foundation of secure, accelerated, and highly transparent digital transactions. People have realized it well, and the transactions have now multiplied many times. Owing to these trends, many startups have started establishing their business in the cryptocurrency market. 

Make a ground for your business in the growing competition by customizing the Binance Clone app to fit well with your specifications. Accelerate the time-to-market with our ready-to-launch solution.

White Label Binance Clone App Development

White label Binance script solutions with customizability are available from Blockchain App Hub for both centralized and decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange development. Binance’s most recent innovations, like the Binance DEX and smart chain solutions, have been incorporated into our Binnace clone platform.

Our Binance clone script has liquidity APIs, dynamic crypto paring, a core wallet, a multi-functional order book, various trading choices, automatic KYC and AML verifications, and other market-pulling features and capabilities. We provide a white label Binance clone, a one-of-a-kind crypto exchange software solution that allows customers to customize the platform to their own requirements. With our ready-to-deploy Binance exchange clone, business owners may construct a seamless crypto exchange platform similar to Binance.

Key Features


High-performance matching and trading

The solution is supported by hi-tech responsive and trading engines for faster transactions. Therefore, the users will feel a great trading experience.


Cryptocurrency wallet

Along with the trading platform, you will also have the multi-cryptocurrency wallet which will help the users to store and manage all cryptocurrencies safely.


Escrow system

Our script provides highly secure escrow management services for facilitating smooth, dispute-free peer-to-peer trading.



We develop and integrate critical liquidity management and market-making tools like third-party exchanges API that will provide an effective function to the users.



The staking option allows the users to stake their crypto assets to earn more rewards other than their crypto holdings and lets them grow their benefits.


Order book

The script contains an updated and transparent order book feature that provides real-time trading information happening through the app so that users could make a strategic move.


Multi-lingual assistance

Multi-lingual assistance increases the reach of the crypto exchange as people from anywhere will use it for trading. 


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Stringent Security Features in Our Binance Clone


KYC & AML Verification

Our Binance clone script saves participants time by automating KYC and anti-money laundering requirements.


Two-factor Authentication

With its two-factor authenticated transactions, the Binance clone app provides military-grade transaction security.


Cloudflare Integration

Improve the application’s and network’s overall performance, and ensure the legal platform’s implementation.


Data Encryption

By utilizing high encryption standards and service quality, the Binance clone ensures transaction security.


CSRF Protection

Our Binance clone app safeguards the produced applications from unwanted click assaults that might cause significant damage.



With DDoS protection integration, our Binance clone script prevents attackers from rapidly loading the database.

How Does It Work

The app is constructed in such a way that the trading facilities are smooth and effective.


User Sign Up

Users may register their profiles on the platform by visiting the website. After choosing “Sign Up,” they will be prompted to create a username and password. Customers must then accept the terms and conditions and verify their account by clicking on a link sent to them through email.


Account Access

After successfully creating their profiles on the site, users may access their accounts. Users will be prompted to set up a two-factor authentication scheme when they first log in. While users enable it, they will have an additional layer of security when logging in. They can, however, avoid it and make plans for it later.


Document Verification

The papers that users publish have an impact on their crypto withdrawal limitations. Cryptocurrency can be withdrawn without giving an identity, although users are limited to only two cryptos per 24 hours.


Crypto Withdrawal

Users who supply identification, such as a passport, will be allowed to withdraw up to 100 cryptos every 24 hours.


Deposit Crypto

Before they can start trading on a crypto exchange platform like Binance, users must first deposit cryptocurrencies into their accounts. They can buy virtual currency with fiat money if they do not have cryptocurrencies. The website allows payments in ETH, BNB, BTC, USDT, and other prominent cryptocurrencies.


Trade Crypto

Cryptocurrencies may be bought and sold in two ways. The simple interface is intended for novice traders, whilst the advanced interface is intended for experienced traders.

Benefits of Our Binance Like App from a Business Standpoint



The crypto market is bound to grow exponentially, and your script will already be ready to handle all the growing transactions. You can expand your business without worrying about the back-end’s strength or other technical issues.


Higher returns

You can generate income from various sources like trading fees, commission fees, freemium users, ads, etc. through the application.



You can customize the solution to any extent during any stage of development. Therefore you can modulate, add or remove any features or functionalities as per your requirement.


Low Fees

One of the many benefits of using a crypto platform similar to Binance is the low fee pricing, and Binance is well-known for emphasizing that benefit. Each transaction costs the trading platform 0.1%.


Multiple Coin Listing

You may add or remove any number of altcoins and cryptocurrencies from your Binance clone script platform, depending on your business’s demands.


Large Trade Volume

Binance is the most well-known trading platform. It can handle a large number of transactions while properly regulating all user traffic. So, does the Binance clone too!


Multiple Payment Options

We provide a variety of payment deposit and withdrawal methods, allowing traders to complete transactions more quickly.


Faster Transactions

All Binance and Binance DEX transactions are completed quickly and without disruption. This enables your traders to learn about real-time trading without being sidetracked by concerns about technology.


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Binance Smart Chain Development

Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the blockchain network known for having features that promise its compatibility, efficiency, and low transaction speed, can now be linked with the Binance-like app. They enable safe smart contracts that are compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). BSC can continue to work even if the Binance chain collapses.

At Blockchain App Hub, we analyzed and improved our Binance clone app to include Binance smart chain capabilities. You may effortlessly stake and pool cryptocurrencies on a separate blockchain, exchange the coins, or trade digital collectibles in the NFT marketplace using our Binance smart chain tool.

We provide tailored Binance smart chain solutions for your cryptocurrency trading platform, including services such as,

  1. NFT marketplace
  2. BSC bridging transactions
  3. BEP 20 token development
  4. BEP 20 token development

Why Choose Blockchain App Hub

At Blockchain App Hub, we love to experiment with innovations. Our team has scored in developing apps with unique ideas and innovations that are both compliant with the industry and stay with trends. And hence the result- a Binance clone app with the hi-end features, beneficial to all the key stakeholders. We absorb your opinions, vision and then try to meticulously reflect while developing the app. Starting from designing to integrations and full-stack development, we make sure that every intricacy and customization are registered.

  • Value-driven development
  • Efficient and updated tools implementation
  • Dedicated support team
  • Superlative quality of products
  • Expertise

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. With the outstanding features and add-ons that we offer with the app solution, you can add a unique edge to your exchange platform and stand out from the crowd. 

Choosing a white-label exchange app can take only less time-to-market but still, you will have a strong back-end and intuitive experience. You also get to customize your app end-to-end from its logo, themes, and features. 

It depends on the customizations and add-ons that you want to introduce into the app, the size of your app, and the complexity of developing it.

The most well-known cryptocurrency exchange is Binance. You may save a lot of time and money by emulating its features and business approach as a readymade Binance clone.

Binance offers both centralized and decentralized crypto platforms to its consumers, and establishing a crypto platform like Binance will provide you access to both. You may also tailor the app to your preferences and the needs of your company.

Binance clone script is a ready-to-market source code that allows you to build your own cryptocurrency exchange with Binance-like trading features and capabilities.

Binance leads the cryptocurrency availability race, with over 350 coins available on its exchange and a diverse choice of market pairings to choose from. So, it is always the first choice!

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Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen