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Outshine in your DeFi business with our PancakeSwap clone

Enlist your business under the top-performing DeFi domain businesses by taking advantage of our PancakeSwap Clone App development services. The recent hype in popularity of DeFi based DEX exchange development has led to the emergence of a lot of DEX platforms in the market. With this emergence, building a PancakeSwap-like DEX platform to grow your DeFi business now is the right decision. Our PancakeSwap Clone solutions are a replica of the PancakeSwap platform combined with modern features and functionalities.

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PancakeSwap Clone Script

DeFi-based DEX clone script to facilitate P2P crypto-exchange, just like PancakeSwap.

Replicate the powerful features of PancakeSwap with Uberdoo’s clone script. Enable fast and safe P2P exchange of crypto coins, assets and tokens. Give your users options to liquidate their assets for tokens and lottery in a decentralised platform to give them complete freedom over their assets. Complement their trades with personal chat boxes to ensure dispute-less transactions. Benefit from an admin-view that gives you a birdseye overview of all your users, their transactions and adherence to your standards.

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Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen

Build PancakeSwap-like DEX Exchange Platform With Our White-label PancakeSwap Clone Script

There are a number of DeFi protocols entering and evolving each day in the market. PancakeSwap Clone is top in the trend among those because of its promising liquidity feature. At Blockchain App Hub, we develop and deploy PancakeSwap Clone App with high-end security and top-notch features that let you greatly heighten your business standards. Our in-house team of DEX platform developers has expertise in building the best DeFi-based solutions by imparting advanced functionalities with the help of the latest tech stack. Our blockchain-powered PancakeSwap-like DEX platform development solutions uphold Automated Market Making thereby enabling you to be a part of the crypto innovation leaders in a shorter period. Reach our expert team to know more about our processes and kick-start your PancakeSwap Clone development today.


Be a DeFi market business leader with our feature-rich PancakeSwap Clone solution incorporating the following best-in-class features.

Major Features



With the integration of Automated Market Making, the asset prices are done based on effective business algorithms and enable users to trade without order books.


Yield farming

Through efficient farming and liquidity providers, the user can earn crypto tokens or receive CAKE tokens as rewards.


IFO promotion

The Initial Firm Offering allows the users to get to know about the newly introduced tokens and let them stake those tokens on the pool thereby improving the new token sales.


Lottery system

Our PancakeSwap-like platform supports lottery schemes wherein the users can take part in the lottery events and win rewards if their lottery number matches with the winning lottery.


Token swapping

The user can swap a token in the wallet to earn another token and there is no limiting factor in the token swapping process.


High liquidity

Users can add liquidity to the pools by depositing crypto tokens. The same can be used to stake and win lotteries.


NFT Provision

Our PancakeSwap Clone has an effective NFT showcase and allows the users to swap and stake NFT tokens in the liquidity pool.


Asset transfer

Any kind of virtual asset can be transferred from one blockchain to another with no compromise in privacy and security.


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Expert/Participant Features

  • Effortless Login

The user can log in to the DEX platform easily by providing the necessary details.

  • Impressive User Interface

The user interface of our platform is designed in such a way that even a beginner can understand and use the PancakeSwap clone platform with ease.

  • Lend & Borrow

Crypto tokens can be lent to potential users and also can be borrowed from other users.

  • Staking and Voting

The user can stake the available tokens and earn rewards which will be added to the users’ dashboards. The voting feature lets the users propose an idea and give their views which will be reviewed and processed by the admin.

  • Slippage Tolerance

The slippage tolerance can be increased or decreased by the user by tapping on the settings icon on the liquidity page.

  • Reduced Transaction Time

With high-speed transaction API and swift audits equipped with the platform, our clone allows speedy transaction and audit processing.

  • Deposit/Withdraw

By using the trust wallet or the metamask wallet, the user can deposit and withdraw money or assets from the platform.

Admin Revenue Features​

  • Lending and Borrowing Fee

The admin can earn revenue by fixing fees for the users for lending and borrowing of the crypto tokens. 

  • Proposal Fee

By charging a fee for the community proposal or voting, the admin can earn values.

  • Staking Pool fee

The admin can add staking charges to the user thereby generating potential returns.

How Does Our PancakeSwap Clone Work

Our PancakeSwap clone works on a sequential mechanism and supports the execution of core features and functionalities with ease. Here are the workflow steps.

Wallet Integration

The users list them under any of the existing wallets to take part in the crypto transaction.

Add Liquidity

 A certain amount of funds is collected by the platform from the user to promote them as a liquidity provider.

Specify Token Use case

The token usability and utility is increased by the platform by considering the use case specified by the user.

Specify Token Type

The user should specify the type of possessed token.

Token Exchange Specification

The exchange token’s type must be specified by the user.

Verify and Validate Transaction

Post token specifications, the user can verify and validate their transactions on the platform.

Confirm Process

On completion of the asset exchange process, the user should confirm with the validation process.

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We offer free consultation and product demo. If you have an idea in the blockchain space, we would love to discuss with you.

Business Merits You Gain From Our PancakeSwap Clone Solution

With our PancakeSwap Clone solution, you can elevate your business to unthinkable levels and earn a sustainable position in the DeFi industry. Also, you get many advantages for your business from choosing our clone script.

  • Optimized trading
  • Rapid transactions
  • Low transaction fee
  • Analytics generation
  • All-wallet adaptation
  • Dynamic token pairing
  • Efficient smart contract integration
  • Advanced threat defense mechanisms

PancakeSwap-like DEX Exchange Development Phases

We provide end-to-end PancakeSwap clone app development services by following an effective DEX development strategy that involves the following stages,


Scope analysis and ideation


Development of liquidity pool, staking, and yield farming platforms.


Lottery system and swapping platform development


Integration NFT and crypto token functionalities.


Integration of digital wallets


Smart contract auditing system integration to identify potential errors


Implementing high-end security features


Deployment of the project into the market


Why Choose Blockchain App Hub for Developing PancakeSwap Clone Script?

At Blockchain App Hub, we provide PancakeSwap clone app development services that are industry-best and let you score high in the crypto business with the incorporation of advanced add-ons. Our developers strive to offer you guidance throughout the development process and suggest the best approach that fits your business requirements and crypto market needs. Here’s what you leverage from choosing us for your PancakeSwap clone development.

  • On-time delivery
  • Experienced professionals
  • Quality resources
  • Attractive and advanced features
  • Optimized white-label solution
  • Post-delivery services
  • Business-specific customizations
  • Efficient project management

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Once the user stakes the CAKE token, the job ends. The after investments are taken care of by the platform through automatic compounding functionality or automatic reinvestment.

The development time taken for the PancakeSwap Clone Script depends on parameters such as code complexity, feature inclusion complexity, inbound functionalities, add-ons, and so on. To know an estimated development time, get in contact with our expert team and share your project requirements.

Absolutely. Our solutions are customizable to any extent and are scalable with any type of customization you wish to have according to your varying future requirements.

The features of PancakeSwap Clone are unique, effective and are rarely present in any other DEX platforms. The bridging attribute, token conversion, interoperability, and other notable elements make them stand out from the other exchange platforms, and hence they are preferable.

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